About Mender Medical


Durable Medical Equipment (not for Medicare patients)



TENS Units


Blood Pressure Monitors

‚ÄčOrthotic Bracing (including Medicare patients)

Back Braces

Knee Braces

Wrist Braces

Elbow Braces

Ankle Braces

CAM/Air Walkers


Once you identify a patient with a need for a brace or other form of medical equipment, we step in at that point to help you navigate and expedite the insurance process, in route to getting equipment delivered quickly. Mender employees are familiar with the process and the industry contacts that ensure quicker approvals and shorter delivery times. If the medical equipment requires fitting, we schedule and appointment with the patient in their home to properly fit and educate them on use. We do this in a way that is comfortable, respectful, compassionate and highly ethical for the patient and physician alike. Our commitment is to provide the patients with a pleasant experience each and every time. Won't you consider Mender Medical for all of your Durable Medical Equipment needs?

At Mender Medical, our goal is to ensure quality patient care is delivered in a timely and cost effective manner through our network of motivated professionals. As our slogan declares, Bridging the Gap from Script to Fit.